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Carl W. Haywood

Carl grew up in Arizona and has always been intrigued by the history of places he has lived and worked. Profoundly impressed at an early age by an exciting movie about forest fires and forest rangers he eventually became a professional forester and spent much of his life in the forests and mountains of the west. He also spent time during his early days in Montana, almost 50 years ago, as a wilderness packer and guide which was a factor in his interest about the early fur trade in the Pacific Northwest.

Bob Marshall

Carl Haywood—Guide in the Bob Marshall Wilderness c. 1970

Now retired and living in Montana, he seeks to sort truth from legend about early mountain men and lost mines and miners. His three books available here are nonfiction stories that read more like novels.

Carl continues to research and track the travels of David Thompson in Northwestern Montana. You may read his findings under the History tab.


Lust for Gold
David Thompson

Joseph Howse

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"Ordinary history conveys information; extraordinary history conveys understanding!"
Stewart Edward White-1931