The Lost Dutchman Mine

New DVD about The Lost Dutchman Mine

"This video is a composite of film footage shot by Robert E. Lee in four separate segments using a 16mm movie camera. The first part was filmed in 1960, the second in 1962 and the remaining two in 1974. It has been around for nearly 50 years; however, I was not aware of it until recently when I was doing additional research on the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine."
Carl Haywood

Lost Dutchman Mine


Lost Dutchman Mine DVD
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The footage on this DVD will be interesting to those wanting to learn more about the Lost Dutchman's Mine. Because Lee shot the original on 16mm film nearly 50 years ago, it lacks today's standards for fine image definition. What Lee's film does present is footage of actual locations and people that have become a part of the legend surrounding the lost treasure in Arizona's Superstition Mountains.

The film segment shot in 1962 was taken about a month before Carl and his friends made their trek into the Superstitions following clues seeking the whereabouts of the Dutchman's lost treasure. The little knowledge they had had been gained through extensive library research since this was a time before the internet.
Mine for lost treasure

Robert E. Lee with his 16mm camera.
c. 1960s

Follow along with Carl as he describes their trip into the Superstitions.

Our Trek into the Superstition Mountain

Lust for Dutchman's Gold

Ken LaJudice, Carl & Mike Barrick camped along the LaBarge Canyon Trail
Photo by Bob Eger c. 1962

Lost Dutchman Mine
Carl has a way of bring his story to life. Most people will be prone to watch the video before reading his fact-based book Lust for Dutchman's Gold, however Carl suggests reading his book before watching the video. Becoming familiar with names and places and viewing relevant maps before viewing the film will add to the DVD's value and to your viewing pleasure.

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