Lust for Dutchman's Gold

Lust and Lore of the Lost Dutchman's Mine

Author Carl W. Haywood

"Four young men venture into Arizona's Superstition wilderness in search of the Dutchman's long lost mine. Their journey doesn't bring material wealth, but it is fraught with adventure and surprise."
Linda Pierce, Arizona Silverbelt


Lust for Dutchman's Gold — Lore and Lure of Treasure in the Superstition Mountains.



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Half a century ago, four friends from Arizona State University set out following clues in search of the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine believed by many to be somewhere in Arizona's Superstition Mountains. Most stories and legends surrounding the lost mine are already familiar to those who have followed the mystery over the years. This book provides details about a previously unpublished true-life adventure that, until now, has never been published. It's a new look at the history and legends surrounding the Superstitions. First time readers as well as those who have followed the century-old Lost Dutchman Mine legend will be intrigued by this uniquely personal account of the events that took place in the deep canyons and recesses of those foreboding mountains more than half a century ago—just a few short miles from Phoenix.

Follow along with Carl as he describes their trip into the Superstitions.

Our Trek into the Superstition Mountain

Lust for Dutchman's Gold

Ken LaJudice, Bob Eger & Mike Barrick camped along the LaBarge Canyon Trail
Photo by Author, 1962

Growing up in a mining town—Miami, Arizona—the author heard many tales of the lost mine and the man who supposedly found it—Jacob Waltz. The mystery and intrigue of the lost treasure was piqued when his father took him to see the movie Lust for Gold in the early 1950s. His adventurous spirit followed him into his college years when he and three classmates decided to spend a few days on the old trails in search of more clues and information about the legendary treasure.
Before launching on their trek the young adventurers spent weeks at libraries reading books and searching the archives for information about the Lost Dutchman Mine. They sought out as much information as they could find about mysterious deaths and people who went missing when they attempted to locate the legendary mine believed to be hidden somewhere in the Superstitions.
One mystery of particular interest was the disappearance of Adolph Ruth. Ruth's skull was found by a hound taken on an archeological expedition that was organized to gather information about reported sightings of some unexplored Indian ruins. George "Brownie" Holmes, the expedition's guide, posed for photos holding Ruth's skull. Ruth had been killed by a bullet to the head from an unknown assassin.

Mine for lost treasure

Mexican Miners–Drilling.
Frederic Remington, 1889
Adolph Ruth

Holmes holds Ruth's skull.
E.D. Newcomer, 1931
This tale about what transpired during their adventure into those foreboding, dangerous mountains and the events that followed prove truth really can be stranger than fiction.

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